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Blazing Reflection

Blazing Reflection

On a facade of sober Pombaline style at a perfect right-angle to the river, where only the filigree wrought iron balconies break the regularity of the architectural lines, a door with traditional lioz stonework gives way to a space of elegant harmony and fine contrast.

Here, in this unique spot in the nation’s capital, the pale facade, riverside setting and glorious sunlight converge to evoke the unforgettable sensation of a blazing reflection.

In the renovation of Alecrim 51, artists and craftspeople have worked to contribute their stories to the history of the building. With this reinforced protagonism, the property’s value shines through by adapting to a new era and adding the best of the present day to its heritage.

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Heritage meets fashion

Each apartment has its own character and is given an individual makeover, blending restored elements with a modern and functional design. The features that tell the story of the building and evoke its enriching past were carefully recovered and set among beautiful things, created with a strong sense of harmony in every detail. Everything has been carefully thought out to meet the most stringent standards of comfort and style. Full advantage of the exceptionally high ceilings is taken to gain living space with stunning mezzanines.

Arches, folding doors, and glasswork distinguish and integrate well-lit environments. This integration of heritage and innovation, architecture, art and design, has converted a formal example of 18th century Portuguese architecture into a stylish classic that will continue to enchant and inspire for future generations.

At Alecrim 51 quality and design are at the service of taste and great living

The finishings are of the highest quality and strike the perfect balance of beauty and comfort, with first-class materials and luxury fittings. Light always plays the leading role, whether sculpting the space through tall balcony windows, dormer windows and skylights, or adorning it with exclusive lamps and lighting effects.

A winter garden or a bijou patio is built around the interior spaces, creating amazing atmospheres

A winter garden or a bijou patio is built around the interior spaces, creating amazing atmospheres. Alecrim 51 is about perfectly honed living spaces and homes just waiting to be experienced. Practical 1-bedroom apartments offer a spare room that can be used for guests, study, work or a hobby.

The bedrooms feature a walk-in wardrobe and numerous storage solutions. Wide-plank hardwood floors create warm and welcoming environments.

The kitchens open out onto sleek living rooms and lend themselves to socialising. State-of-the-art appliances provide an aesthetic counterpoint to natural materials.



One of Lisbon’s best-known streets, straight into the heart of the city.



The lobby of Alecrim 51 expresses the building’s identity in a contemporary language. It is a refined but welcoming area that offers a precise combination of luxury and discretion with a suitably artistic gesture. The intervention of architects and artists highlights the transformative power of this transitional space. The theme of the art is transcendence and metaphor, the synthesis of past and future in a present that becomes timeless as time stands still. Art exists solely to be experienced.

The predominance of stone and sharp geometry shares the stage with a bold illumination. The dynamic effect of the tiled floor articulates a slow and subtle movement, and geometric rigour becomes lost in a more complex game of shapes and perspectives. An intermediate step raises the atrium and precedes the archway that leads to the stairs, where the craftsmanship of artisans is captured in the woodwork and tiles.



Fragmentos is an architecture studio with extensive experience in bespoke housing and refurbishment projects. Fragmentos’ work stands out for the determination and commitment it invests in each challenge.

“The future is crafted out of the past.”

Isabel Pereira

Sculptor and installation artist

Clara Imbert

The work of the Lisbon-based French artist uses an architectural perspective to take us to other levels. Through a study of the invisible, space becomes deconstructed and new spaces emerge that explore the relationship between reality and fantasy.



Hand-crafted unique lamps inspired by organic forms. Singular works in an era of mass production. Serip stands for passion in lighting and design.

A designer proposal

15 apartments spread over five floors with a lift. Views onto the Rua do Alecrim or Rua das Flores. 


studio flats, one and two-bedroom apartments, a spacious loft apartment with exclusive access and a spectacular three-bedroom, two-story penthouse.


Contemporary art in a classic setting

The carefully worked eighteenth-century arch at the entrance of the Pombaline building now shares the reception hall with contemporary artists’ work in a dialogue which distinguishes Alecrim 51.


The top-floor, two-story apartment with high ceilings in mansard roofs and bright skylights offers a different experience of Lisbon’s rooftops. The penthouse suite has private access into a pleasant winter garden.

A space apart

A private entrance on Rua das Flores leads to a 220m² ground-floor loft apartment – a warm and inviting world of vaulted ceilings, stone columns and rounded arches.

A communal hideaway

The intimate interior courtyard boasts a vertical garden, inviting us to meditate.

History & Tradition

Romantic and modernist

Beyond the city walls, the aristocratic estates and palaces were edged out by bourgeois housing. Along the Rua do Alecrim strolled the generations of Almeida Garrett, Eça de Queiroz and Fernando Pessoa, who gave life to the street and immortalised it.


Cosmopolitan and bohemian

In the city’s old quarter, the River Tagus from the Rua do Alecrim is one of the most striking views in Lisbon’s imagery


Rua do Alecrim is the nexus linking Bairro Alto and the Chiado to Cais do Sodré and the river. Modernist, homely and aristocratic in equal measure.

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